Here where I’m staying, there was cutting up flowers yesterday, preparing bouquets for something with bougainvilleas, ferns and waxy green leaves. The anniversary of the grandfather/patriarchs death in 1975. There was a dinner spread last night, beautiful food all out for must have been about 20-30 people.

This morning I started talking with the manager about the new cabinet in her office, and we somehow got on the topic of her family. She told me she had 12 brothers and sisters, 6 in Australia, and 3 in East Timor. Her older brothers and sisters fled in 1975. So I pried a bit because I know that those who left in 1975 were either FRETILIN or UDT supporters… She said her father was murdered in 1975 by FRETILIN militants. They brutally murdered him, beheading him and leaving his head on his desk at work, and forcing his employees to pass by and see it. Another man, who I think was her uncle, was beheaded, his face set on fire so as to burn the skin. His hair singed and they pulled his lips from around his mouth and stuck a cigarette between his teeth. Then they impaled his head on an iron rod and marched it through the streets.


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