Today the morning was cool and in the taxi to work I felt as though I was seeing everything with new eyes. Somekind of North Carolina sensation, feeilng the mountain air, perceiving the various blues in the wide open sky. Noticing the fuel pump was missing from the “corner gas station.” Noticing that this gas station was on the site of a former Military detention centre, soon to be rennovated to house the Veterans of the Resistance Association. Work went by quickly, and walking towards the Peacekeeper canteen for lunch, the sun directly over my head, and less wind than yesterday, I realized that I am rather used to this weather. No horrible excessive sweating. No extreme discomfort at the bright sun, or the sheer heat involved.

Leaving work on foot, my arms felt longer than normal. I felt taller than normal, and accordingly, my gait was seemingly faster. I felt like I had left in time for work to truly savor the sunset and twilight.


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