Dreamlife and death

An impressive part of being in the districts is the dreamlife. Literally half of my hours are spent sleeping, between the 10 pm – 7 am sleep and the 11/2 to 2 hour nap from 1 to 3 pm. Most of my dreams have been stress-free, dreaming of free rechargable batteries, cold climates and other seeming pleasant impossibilities. It is more rural here — more quiet — than any other place I have slept save for the cocks crowing in the morning and the neighbor’s baby crying at night from fever or diaherrea or some great discomfort. I realized last night that there is a good possibility a baby like that might die, that tomorrow night audible relief might signal the  premature death. Life here is so tough, a mixture of poverty, in ability to feed babies properly, but also a sort of fatalistic ignorance, that nothing can be done for a baby in that state, and that a sick baby probably means a dead one. We only live a 5 minute walk from the district hospital and immunization clinic. But the mental distance is greater. In matters of life and death, it seems in many people here there is lacking the knowledge or culture to take decisive action. I hope for that baby and its family that they may know when.


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