Manatuto street scenes: (1) kids selling fish, tasty when fried… Notice the blonde highlights of the boy on the right. The strong sun can bleach even the darkest hair here. I can’t always tell whether blond-streaks or reddish hair is a sign of malnutrition. But these kids obviously do not have a calorie to spare. A UN study in Manatuto showed that about 40% of the population of the district is regularly malnourished. (2) the neighborhood no-goods, sitting on a bamboo bench by the side of the road. On a good day a car will pass every couple of minutes. These men specialize in the false laugh, that unnatural push from the diaphram and nasal ha-ha-ha. As opposed to the owner of the mint house behind the fish-sellers, a Galoli-speaking grandma who has this lovely deep, he-he-he…


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