Some (flawed) numbers

After weeks of rumor and garbage floating around as news, it seems the National Hospital in Dili has released statistics on the numbers injured and killed by the violence in over the past three months. (I have often wondered why the newspapers do not have people permanently stationed at the Hospital keeping statistics and reporting on violence.)


Strangely, it appears only on page three of the Wednesday’s Timor Post.

People who worry, specifically Mum: please know that as far as I know, not a single foreigner is included in these stats. In fact, foreigners have reported to me that they have been politely asked to leave or rerouted in traffic before these incidents occurred. The violence is entirely intra-Timorese.

A word of caution because a glance over these numbers reveals they cannot be correct. But they give an idea


* I noticed that the numbers of stabbed/beaten and wounded by arrows are strangely the same for the months of July and August correspondingly. I believe Timor Post may have botched these numbers, especially given that the total “wounded by arrows” is incorrect. Their totals for injuries are also incorrect


Timor Post also writes that the Hospital director reports 14 incidents of violence at the emergency room reception during the past three months. Five people were beaten, one was stabbed, three were struck with machetes, two were hit by rocks and three were wounded by arrows. There is now private security there 24 hours a day.

We should keep in mind that others may have not gone to Hospital for fear of lack of security and possible retaliation. Some may have gone to private or church clinics.

The lingering questions are mostly about wounded and killed in April, May and June, but the Hospital director says they are still “working” on reliable numbers for these critical months.


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