Let’s do the timewarp again

I had taken a hiatus from reading a blog called Timor-Online, which is Fretilin-party hack central, written mostly in Portuguese.

For comic relief, I read the latest Communiqués to the press, I’m assuming made with a megaphone at the Fretilin Headquarters in Comoro. These press releases are essentially the long-awaited “party” response to the UN report and the allegations against Alkatiri and Lobato. (My poor translation)

That the very actions of a well planned conspiracy against the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, its People and Leadership, its Institutions, the foundations of Democratic Rule of Law, its Constitution and Laws, the capital symbolic of its glorious history of resistance, its history and strategic options in the domain of Language and Culture, of its Political and Economic System, have not yet been fully executed

That selective actions of destabilization are still underway and a combination of acts and actions with aim of depriving the country of its national Leadership, deepening the crisis of authority of State, multiplying the practices of humiliation, intervening in the judiciary in order to use it for the ends of weakening the whole political-institutional system of the State, generalizing provocations to the population, crystallizing the division of the country in “lorosa’e and loromonu”, making governance unviable

That there is the necessity for the government to reaffirm its exclusive power of coercion and of sovereignty and to use its authority to find solutions to the crisis …

That the national Leadership liberate itself from the complex web of conspiracy that divided it and unite itself around the common cause of national sovereignty and authority of the State, the reimposition of law and order, the viabilization of government, in sum, in defense of the sacred interests of our people

That all the people know how to reinforce its vigilance and maintain its capacity to comprehend the situation and not let itself be tricked by destabilizing groups or react to provocations and as such prevent the proliferation of violence …


… Let us defend our sovereignty and our options in the area of friendly relations with all of the countries of the world, our policies of regional integration and of international relations

Man, and the world likes to make fun of Kim Jong Il and his lonely (or “rone-ry”) stance against “imperialists”!

The FRETILIN Central Committee, and the author of these missives who probably cut his/her teeth in Marxist Africa, is basically pushing a grand conspiracy theory. There is no middle ground here. Either you are with us, or you are part of a vast conspiracy to wipe us from the face of the earth.

Recently, even Fidel Castro essentially told Hugo Chavez to steady on with the dictator-for-life talk. But at least Hugo Chavez has a sense of humor! These guys are utterly humorless.

What is the end game here? Is FRETILIN planning some great campaign to kick out Australian “imperialists” and their “lackies” prior to November 28, what they consider to be Independence Day?

Is Australia going to tire of being kicked around here, by the press, the ruling party and the kids on the street? Will John “Tough Guy” Howard finally call Timor’s bluff and evacuate? Afterall, he was recently bruised by criticisms of neocolonialism by Soloman Islands and Papua New Guinea’s leaders.

UNMIT finally admitted it will not be at full policing strength until December. If the Australians left it would create a security vacuum that could only be filled by a Timorese show of force. I won’t be around to see what that will look like, I can guarantee that.

If FRETILIN thinks that the Australians are blood-thirsty murderers here to rob them of their sovereignty, instead of staying up late cooking conspiracy theories and 1970s-communicados, then they should just PROVE IT.

Until they provide cold hard evidence, then they are only shooting their own sovereignty in the foot and creating further instability.

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