“Peace breaking out”

This is the surreal stuff of Prime Ministerial press releases in Timor, which seem to be lapped up by the international media. Anybody around for Sunday and Monday had a much more cautious take on the “youth demonstrations”, see “Dancing for Peace“. I guess this is Timor-style “spin” as we call it in America:

Tears of joy as peace, not war, starts to break out in East Timor
Young people from some of the most troubled areas of Dili and from rival gangs have poured onto the streets to celebrate peace, embracing each other and shedding tears. As Prime Minister Dr José Ramos-Horta says: “It seems that peace, not war, is breaking out in East Timor.” More than a thousand youths gathered on the main road between Dili and the airport last night (Sunday night) – the scene of some of the worst recent violence – embracing each other, singing and chanting “peace”. The spontaneous peace celebration continued as they brought traffic to a stand-still when they marched through Dili today (Monday).

“Chanting,” read: shouting (with fists pumping in the air). Plus the “war paint” on their faces… And the fact that other media sources report them to be self-proclaimed “Loromonu” youth, asking the “Lorosa’e” residents of the IDP camps to come home.

All of this reminds of the all-to-common oxymoronical phrase “Fight for Peace!”


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