Fila ona

I made it back to Dili after another great adventure. Professor and J, a PhD student based in a farflung mountain town, came and picked me up from Baguia. We crossed to the south coast and drove up an amazing, rocky and remote road to Buibela, the spiritual and formerly political center of the area that rebelled in 1959.

I was invited to see lulik items, as well as the namesake rock of the kingdom, but there was no time. I was anguished. We had to haul it back to Dili. And lucky we had a day to spare, as we had three flat tires on the way back. Slept next to a ruined school in the mountain pass of Ossu. Watching shooting stars through the mosquito dome roof. Epic journey.

I will post photos and observations about the past week when I get to Bali. Leaving in two hours.

Once again, the reaction is “koitadu” (you are leaving, you poor thing.) I am sad to go, but I am also happy to have a break from the political instability, the flat tires and breakdowns, and the squat toilets.

Be back to “the outside” soon.


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