Matebian on Google Earth

What I have discovered about Google earth, is that as a whole, the north coast of Timor, Tasi Feto, has much better resolution. From Laga to Kom, we can see pretty sharp imagery. Unfortunately for those of us who are interested in the mountain areas, the resolution of the interior is pretty low.

It is high enough to give quite a good 3-D tour of the Matebian area, which I am working on.

Matebian Bird's Eye

Afaloicai-Uatocarbau view

Matebian Tilt

The bizarre color patchwork is a bit distracting. The Baucau area looks like a parched desert in the distance, it must have been photographed in the dry season.

In the next couple of weeks, I hope to offer an animated 3-D tour of the places mentioned in this blog. It will take me a while to get the way I like it, without internet at home, it’s been touch and go!


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