Big guns can’t help you here

Same, Manufahi

Anyone who has driven from Dili to Same knows that the approach to the town is absolutely breathtaking. The craggy rock faces of Mt Kablaki, the sloping valleys, the frighteningly narrow road at points all add to the experience.

A truckdriver friend of mine told me that his Indonesian bosses used to piss their pants with fear when he drove confidently through one mountain pass between Maubisse and Same in the fog.

As I cannot seem to concentrate on my work, and I know that Timor Telcom’s slow dialup connection will prohibit most Dili residents from dabbling on Google Earth, here is a small contribution.

Try to imagine conducting a man-hunt in this landscape.

Mt Kablaki

Mt Kablaki and surrounding terrain (which is inhabited)

Alkatiri was right when he commented that the Australians need Timorese help to successfully capture Alfredo. If that is too politically “risky”– but honestly, what is riskier the Australians entering into a proxy civil conflict, or the Timorese against each other? — then why not the Fijian trackers who were stationed in Bobanaro in 2002-3?


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