My last election post

[April 15 update: I’ve added poster images, for those who cannot conjure the real people]

These have been on my mind for a while now. Some of them were suggested to me by folks in Dili. Watch me get banned for life for this one… (Although I guess my “The Shaft” comparison is favorable.)

Avelino Coelho ::::: Papa Smurf (this link is also relevant!)


João Carrascalão ::::: Toad of Toad Hall


Lasama ::::: The Grinch


Lu Olo ::::: The Shaft


Manuel Tilman ::::: Chicken Little


Ramos Horta ::::: [Monty Python’s] The Bishop (video)


Xavier ::::: Yoda


Lucia Lobato ::::: in making this list I realize how many of our pop culture references are male. Sigh. Suggestions?


And then the most pressing question of all, which of these “characters” would make the best Head of State?


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