Haree = fiar

Over a week after [rebel leader] Alfredo’s demise, a good percentage of the visitors to this site arrive with search terms indicating they would like to see his dead body. [Warning: do not scroll down if you do not wish to see this image.]

When Savimbi was killed in Angola, there was widespread disbelief. Photos were intentionally distributed to convince people of his death.

Whatever your opinion of the man, Alfredo was not a monster like Savimbi. But like the leader of UNITA, he was larger than life. Sarah Niner reminds us that had a bit of many Timorese identities: part Portuguese, son of Fretilin, traumatized child, slave of the Indonesian army, member of urban resistance, asylum seeker, VB-drinking member of the diaspora, hirus-teen who spoke back to authority, a lover, and a man who lashed out when he felt trapped — both at home and as a rebel soldier.

In a place where so many of Alfredo’s contemporaries were disappeared from 1975-1999, is there some catharsis in seeing?



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