Please do not eat the animals

After the last post, I was wondering what could possibly lighten the mood. And then I stumbled upon “Hamnasa” — a Tetum joke blog. The author writes

Ha’u-nia blog ne’e ba ita timoroan atu hamnasa uitoan, tanba polítiku sira iha ita-nia rain só halo ita triste hela de’it. My blog is for Timorese to laugh a little, because the politicians of our land just make us sad.

It’s a real shame the blog is so biased against one political party. A lot of the jokes are anti-Fretilin, and they are funny, but there is nothing making fun of the idiocy in other parties. Some are about gender relations in Timor, however let me advise there are some pretty disparaging jokes about Australian women. For malais, it’s an opportunity to practice some Tetum. I thought I would translate a non-partisan, non-offensive joke

The signs put up at the Dili Zoo

Before 1975: Please do not feed the animals

Between 1975-1999: Please do not take the animals’ food

Between 1999-2002: Please bring the animals food and UNTAET will give you three dollars and some expensive food

Between 2002-2007: Please do not take the animals’ food and please do not eat the animals


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