To’o ona

In my earlier post, I was optimistic about a solution with the Petitioners.

Yet intensifying and worrying rhetoric between AMP and Fretilin leads me to believe that at this point, the greatest danger to the current situation in Timor is not the Petitioners themselves, or the security forces.

It is in fact the inability of the political elites to stop attacking each other and spinning conspiracy theories. Both sides have come up with theories explaining why the other is guilty for the attack on the PM and President.

Early this evening, I spent nearly an hour translating some of these theories. They come from some named people — quite prominent — and some unnamed people. I almost posted them here. But I feel that I would be entirely hypocritical to give this thinking any space on my blog. If you’d like to read this stuff, be my guest, at Odanmatan, Timor Online, STL newspaper, Forum Haksesuk. If you would like to read my translations of this slander-fest, let me know.

I do not want to make prescriptions for Timor. Neither do I want to incessantly heap blame on the ema boot. But I do feel strongly that what they do over the next couple of days and weeks will determine possibilities for the ema ki’ik.

Some, like Allan Nairn, have suggested that leaders “hand over to the next generation.” But the next generation is in fact made up of people who have been just as partisan as the oldies.

It is time for a paradigm shift.


One thought on “To’o ona

  1. Abilio Araujo wrote recently that he refuses to give credence to the conspiracy theories implicating Xanana. (He did not condemn those about FRETILIN, however.)

    He went on to write:

    The international forces are welcome but not to stay for good. Our collective memory has still not forgotten the men in white robes who in the beginning of the 16C arrived on our beaches and in the pretext of evangelization opened the doors of our Old Kingdoms to the sacking of our “perfumed and salutary sandalwood” and the posterior imposition of the colonial system. Closed are the two Cycles of Sandalwood and of Coffee, Timor inaugurates its third Cycle of Petroleum. Everything must be done to see that this Cycle inaugurates National Independence so desired by those who came before us.

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