Alfredo. He has been gone for 6 months now.

There is something so powerful about a folk hero killed in his prime.

I was reminded yesterday of the story of Lampião, who was a hero/outlaw character in Ceará, northeastern Brazil, in the 1920s and 1930s.

Killed and beheaded by police seventy years ago this year, after a long run of banditry (and interviews with the media!), he still remains today an important figure in Brazilian culture.

He was the subject of a feature film, novela(s), an untold number of songs including Nação Zumbi and Chico Science’s “Sangue de Bairro”, poems, and now of course internet tributes.

On Youtube, we can “meet” Lampião, who seemed to understand the importance of film just like Alfredo.

Is Alfredo as great an icon as Lampião? What will remain of Alfredo in 2078?


4 thoughts on “Lampião

  1. hai hau mahasiswa Timor oan nebe eskola iha indonesia, oinsa ita boot nia hanoin konaba edukasaun iha timor???

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