The timing of a text

Two documents that prematurely saw the light of day.

(1): the signed (and promulgated) version of the midterm budget, which Ramos Horta claimed he had signed in case the Appeals Court decided in favor of the AMP government during his absence, to be published only if the Court allowed for the “extraordinary transfer” from the Petroleum Fund. It mysteriously made its way from his drawer to the Government press while Ramos Horta was in Manila. I suppose Ramos Horta is off the hook in a way, because the Appeals Court decided today to allow the bloated budget. This is a document that nearly all international observers (including the IMF and World Bank), opposition, and civil society came out against.

Hundreds of millions of dollars to be handed out in the form of cash transfers and subsidized rice.

A recent Chatham House report on oil dependency stated the blindingly obvious: that Timor has reached its “peak oil” income this year, and it is only downhill from here. Timor has less time than any other oil-dependent country to figure out how to live without oil;

(2): the autopsy report from the investigation of Alfredo’s death, which of course showed that they suffered burns around their bullet wounds that suggest he was shot at close range. The Australian got a hold of a copy earlier this week, much to the distress of the Prosecutor General and the team investigating events. Portuguese journalist Felícia Cabrita had already come to this conclusion in April. She insinuates that Alfredo was betrayed by FDTL Presidential guard Albino Assis and his right hand man Assanku (who was arrested in Indonesia in April).


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