The UN dead


One thing I feel has been sorely overlooked since about late 1999 is the number of Timorese staff who worked for UNAMET who were killed.

UNTAET claimed in 2000 that only 6 UNAMET workers were killed.

Geoffrey Robinson’s definitive report names 14 killed.

I found this slide show commemorating the 60th anniversary of peacekeeping in Timor, by UNMIT (caution: large PDF file) and they mix the deaths of the butchered UNAMET staff, some of whom were tortured, raped and killed before their families, with those who died in car accidents in subsequent UN missions.

For the record, I’ve tried to create a list of those killed before, during and after the referendum, most of whom were targeted because they worked for the UN. If you have more information about any of the people listed here and/or convictions for their murders, please comment or send to my email.

I hope the UN is planning on finally commemorating them 10 years on.

And I am curious: what kind of compensation have their families received?

1. Abreu DA COSTA, (Shot attempting to flee in Bulle in Laga subdistrict by Battalion 745?)

2. Mariano DA COSTA (tortured and killed by militia in Liquiça before the Referendum)

3. Hilario Boavida DA SILVA (Last seen out front Dili Diocese)

4. Silva Leonel DE OLIVEIRA (Last seen out front Dili Diocese)

5. Manuel DE OLIVEIRA (beaten and stabbed to death in Atsabe – conviction)

6. Orlando GOMES (beaten and stabbed to death on day of the ballot in Atsabe)

7. Paulos KELO (executed by Sakunar militia in Oecusse)

8. Ana da Conceição LEMOS (raped, tortured and murdered in Gleno)

9. João LOPES (stabbed to death while carrying a ballot box in Atsabe)

10. Carlos MAIA (Maliana, killed in Police Station massacre)

11. José Ernesto de Jesus MAIA (AKA José Ernesto Mariano? – no specific info available on the internet)

12. Domingos PEREIRA (shot in Bobanaro by TNI – [correction: partial] conviction)

13. Ruben Barros SOARES (beaten, stabbed and attacked with rocks in Bobanaro by militia – conviction)

14. Francisco TAEK (executed by Sakunar militia in Oecusse)


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