Cheap. Plastic. Flowers.

These were taken the week before All Souls Day right below the Stadium, which is the classic plastic flower shopping zone.

I asked what the crocodile [photo 3] was doing on the street and he did not appear to have any purpose except to make people laugh. I was half expecting him to grope me, but instead he let me take a couple of fun photos with him.

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Dengue in Dili

[Note: This was written a couple of weeks ago. With La Niña wreaking havoc on Timor, and non-stop rains, dengue appears to be more prevalent than normal this year, although I cannot find real data to back this up. This blog entry is dedicated to my bestest friend in Dili and her UNTL-attending sidekick, who nursed me back to health.]

I was about to start and finish this blog entry with “It sucks.” But that was me somewhat feeling sorry for myself, bitter and exhausted on the morning of Day 5.

Now I am at the tail end of Day 6. I am simultaneously irritated by one of the last symptoms, “tingling hands and feet” (read: this HORRIBLE itching that can last for 2-3 days) and bored out of my mind, I thought I would try and offer some tips to those who will not dodge the dengue bullet in Dili.

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