Search terms

I have been watching over the years what search terms draw people to this blog. Most visits are from search engines, which makes sense because I am infrequent blogger and the “blogging community” if it exists in English is very weak. Also because I mention obscure places and historical events that people are curious about, but as there is so little material available to Timorese they end up here. (Which somewhat saddens me.)

I think these are of interest because they give us some (limited) insight about what information people are seeking on the internet on Timor.

(That said, a look at the statistics reveals that US Marines are my most frequent visitors, thanks to a post I wrote comparing Alfredo to a rooster. Which leads me to think all military men are actually peacocks. But we’ll leave that for another post.)

Timor related top search terms in the past year are (in descending order of number of hits)

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