Fatin Histórico

More history developments!

A friend on Facebook drew my attention to this exciting site/project to help Timorese people document the history in and around them. “Fatin Historico” (Or “Historical Place”) is a blog in English and Indonesian (with Tetum language videos) where editors hope people will contribute photos, video and text. I can’t endorse the idea enough.

They write

This project is a labor of love of several youths who want to document the sites that made Timor Leste. We are interested in buildings from the ancient, Portugese, Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian era, urban (and village) planning, hideouts, old conversations and the soil and sea of Timor Leste.

Take a look at the post about the Japanese caves in Venilale, a place that you may have noticed from the car and been curious about.

The editors are Kamil Muhammad of the University of Melbourne’s Architecture program, and Pedro Ximenes, a Baucau based journalist. They will be partnering with Architects for Peace.

I hope to contribute material when I get a chance. I think it would also be great for them to include an interactive map of the posts they publish.


3 thoughts on “Fatin Histórico

  1. Hi Kamil, I am a history buff too, and I have written quite a bit about places. I would like to contribute to your blog, once things calm down for me a little. Keep up the good work, I hope your readership grows. And a self-interested suggestion: there are a quite a few Timorfile malaes on Twitter, might be worth using that!

  2. Ah yes, that would be good. We are sort of struggling with publicity and this blog helps! I have to get my hands on twitter now (have been thinking of doing this for the past… 3 years, so this maybe the time).

    Look forward to your contribution!

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