Reliable info

[Readers have complained this is terribly outdated. Please be warned: this is terribly outdated.]

Is this an oxymoron in the Timor context? Probably.

Even if the local dailies could maintain a web presence, it wouldn’t be much help, because their level has reached shocking lows. Tempo Semanal, now with its web presence, is a welcome addition. And Klaak Weekly, wearing its political views on its sleeve, is worthwhile too. Unfortunately, Timorese TV and radio cannot be relied on for much either. I think a lot more could be done with radio.

Increasingly, the East Timor list moderated by ETAN is becoming a key resource, updated all day everyday. For a weekly digest of news, you can also depend on the folks at the East Timor Action Network for the most comprehensive, well-compiled information.

I don’t necessarily trust the wire services, especially Lusa, the Portuguese wire, which based on one sentence sent to Lisbon, reported incorrectly that Fretilin party HQ had burned down. Although that said, Pedro Rosa Mendes has done much to turn this around.

The Australian press was very incendiary in 2006, with journalists so clearly falling into one of two political camps, and nothing vaguely balanced available. Since it has been spotty.

Reliefweb has a site full of humanitarian and official UN releases, nothing fascinating.

I wish Dutch journalists of 1999 would come back. Or Jill Jolliffe the veteran Australian journalist who understands Portugal, Timor and Australia. But she seems to be on to bigger and better things with the Living Memory Project.

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